25 February 2015

Bryce Cotton's Jazz vs. Milwaukee 02.28.15


Realizing the best way to explain why you should use Adblock is with pictures, so I'm gonna post this below the streams from now on. 

This first picture is what the first stream looks like without Adblock. It's loaded with dangerous fake updates, and if you don't close them in the right order, a new tab pops up, or sometimes even a download starts. Many sites have invisible overlaying frames so that even if you DO get them in the right order, the first click still opens a pop up. If you must go about watching the stream this way, know that NO DOWNLOADS ARE NECESSARY TO WATCH THE ABOVE STREAMS. 

The second picture is the same stream but with Adblock for Chrome running. As you can see there is nothing dangerous to avoid, simply click the red "CLOSE" then the grey X and the stream will start. No pop-ups, no downloads, no waiting, just free basketball. 

If you haven't already, please take a minute to download Google Chrome and Adblock, or google "adblock" + the name of you preferred browser, as all of the popular browsers have adblockers available nowadays. 


24 February 2015

#25 PC at #6 Villanova 02.24.15


I'll have the Coaches Radio Show streaming at 7PM at FriarTV2.caster.FM, and then I'll have a stream of BRYCE COTTON'S FIRST NBA GAME with the Utah Jazz at 9PM.

18 February 2015