19 December 2014

PC vs. UMass 12.20.14

Right back at it on Monday when the Friars travel to Brooklyn to take on Jim Larranaga and Miami. Not loving the likely 9:30 tip, but hey, not gonna complain about being on national TV 95% of our games.

Drew Edwards Highlights from Gonzaga Classic

Put together some highlights of 2015 signee Drew Edwards 34 point performance in a win of Gonzaga (DC) at the Gonzaga DC Classic. Edwards put on a show, scoring in a variety of ways while going head to head against Top 100 guard Bryant Crawford (Wake Forest). I recall some talent evaluator (not local) mentioning that Edwards had an awkward stroke, and I don't get that at all. As I mentioned in my first Edwards video, he's got a smooth, effortless stroke, at least from what I can tell from the less than stellar video quality. Really excited to see the Friars adding a capable scorer to complement their stacked frontcourt next season. 

18 December 2014

Cooley Radio Show 12.18.14


Right Click Here, then "Save As.." to download mp3

And my God do I want to yell at someone at Friars.com for starting LITERALLY every radio feed late, but I really don't wanna piss them off considering the circumstances. It can't possibly be that hard after the first couple times. I don't mind as much during the show tonight as I do missing at least half of every pregame show, which is one of the only parts I care to listen to if a game is on TV (no disrespect to John and Joe).

I should be able to post the replay pretty quickly after it ends tonight. I'll also remove the terrible squealing that they can't seem to figure out on the pay site.